Invoicing address and means of payment


Company: Ab Kasnäsudden Oy
Operator: Basware Oyj 
VAT-number: 1021564-6 
E-invoice address: FI10215646 
Service ID: BAWCFI22 

We prefer E-invoices. If E-invoicing is not possible we also accept invoices as pdf-files or by mail.

By mail: Ab Kasnäsudden Oy, Ostolaskut, Kasnäsvägen 1294, 25930 Kasnäs. 

All invoices must contain a reference or the name of the customer. 

We accept following means of payment

Amex, Visa, MC, Diners, Maestro

Edenred card, lunch & recreation vouchers, Smartum, E-passi, Tyky and Virike vouchers, EazyBreak. 
Please note! Accommodation can not be paid with these well-being benefits received by your employer.